Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ogallala Nebraska

We spent a couple nights in a town in southern Nebraska due north of Dodge City.  Ogallala is one of those towns you blow past on the interstate without even thinking about it, but had fun.  There was a neat little petrified wood art gallery (the wood is not from the National Park).  We drove around a bit and saw the dam on the Platte River.  This must have been a wet summer out this way, because all the crops look in great shape and the lakes are all pretty high.  We drove down I-80 a few miles and had dinner at Ole's Big Game Restaurant.  We didn't see a stuffed lion, but Ole must have shot everything else on the planet and put it in his restaurant.  I guess his wife didn't want to stare at beast heads in the house.  Anyway, we put the Nebraska sticker on the map and moved on to the Black Hills, SD.  Here are some pictures from Ogallala.

The spillway for the Kingsley Dam, which forms Lake McConaughy

A little outhouse made from tiny chips of petrified wood.  These two old fellas made all kinds of cool weathered looking little model buildings out of petrified wood.

Panorama of Kingsley Dam.  Taken with the built in capability of my LG G4.  I had to download an app for my last phone.

Just a really pretty sunset over the Walmart parking lot.

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  1. got another state off of your list.........Congratulations!!!