Thursday, August 27, 2015


Well, I didn't take a single picture.  We stopped in Bozeman to see old friends Paul and Jan again.  We stayed in their driveway in 2013 too.  Thanks guys!  We hung out, worked on one of Paul's motorcycles, sat on the deck, smoked elk and antelope, all the outstanding outdoorsy things Mountain Folk do so well.  As soon as we left North Dakota, the haze set in.  It's a record setting wildfire year out here, and Montana is being hit really hard.  After we left Bozeman, we stopped in Missoula for a couple days.  We toured some downtown historic places and the Smoke Jumper Visitor's center.  Those young folks do an amazing job keeping these western forest fires from doing more damage than they already do.  Leaving Missoula headed south, it looked worse than LA on its worse smog days.  When I rolled up the window awnings, ash fell on my head.  Ash.  Smoke was everywhere, but ash?  That's an air quality issue.  I hope they have a nice wet winter.  No pictures to share this time, as all the scenery was totally obscured.


  1. A picture of ash on your head would have been nice...............

    1. Funny John. You know I have a strict "no selfie" policy. Smoke followed us into Idaho last night, time to head south again.