Saturday, August 8, 2015

Headed Northwest

We are headed generally North and West.  The first stop was a couple relaxing nights at the Ho Hum RV Park in Carabelle, FL.  We stopped here for a week on our way south last fall, and it was splendid.  Sitting windshield to the Gulf with palm trees in your front yard is a great way to break up the drive to Arkansas, our next stop.  We're currently parked on the Arkansas River at the City of North Little Rock's Riverfront RV park, about a half mile from the Clinton Presidential Library.  I wonder if Hillary will open up her own wing, or create a completely new facility.  We've spent the past week visiting with Laurie's family and are headed out in the morning.  Since we got a late start this summer after getting Brad settled, we decided to finish out our USA sticker map.  Only 4 states to go!

Our mission for the summer.  Finish off those final 4, lovely, flat, featureless states in the Great Plains

Our spot at the Ho Hum

Panoramic view from the roof of my motorhome.  To the left is the Clinton Library, behind the railroad bridge that's not been converted to a pedestrian/bike path.  The Little Rock skyline is to the right.

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