Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Black Hills, SD

The Black Hills rise up out of the prairie like an oasis.  We stayed at a very nice park outside of Hill City and spent 4 wonderful, cool days in mid August touring the sites of the Black Hills.  It really is amazing seeing all the flat, featureless farmland that surround the area.  No wonder the Lakota considered the area sacred.  Here are some pictures:

The view from our windshield at the Rafter J Bar Ranch campground

We saw several herds of dozens of bison in the Custer State Park.  Nothing like the old days, but still nice to see

Roughlock Falls

Intrepid travelers in Spearfish Canyon

The saloon where Wild Bill Hickok got shot in the back of the head holding Aces and Eights--the Dead Man's Hand.  Deadwood, SD.

Right beside the road, a bison scratching on a tree in the woods.  Cool

Okay, full disclosure, this was from the last time we were here about ten years ago.  Look at me, then look at the Crazy Horse Monument in the background.  Same profile!

Mount Rushmore.  Probably why most people come to the Black Hills.  Definitely not the only thing to see.  You could spend weeks here.

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  1. I like the Crazy Horse pic.........Thanks for letting us travel with you.........