Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Newport, Rhode Island

After Lakeville, we dropped down an hour or so to the military famcamp in Newport.  They've got the Naval War College and a few other high tech things going on here.  The spot was great, right on the water and spacious, though water and electric only.  We only stayed 2 nights, but that gave us a day to check out the waterfront.  We'd been here in 2012 to tour the mansions, but didn't see the waterfront district.  This time we had dinner and took a sunset cruise of Narragansett Bay.  We need to come back again.

This is quite the sailing town.  The mooring field goes on forever.

A sister ship.  We were on a similar schooner called the Adirondack.

Intrepid sailors.

Sailing off into the sunset

Hammersmith Farm.  Jackie Kennedy's childhood home and where they had their wedding reception.

Even sailors get a hearty welcome

Money shot.  We do love sunsets over the water.