Friday, June 23, 2017

Casco, Maine

After central Vermont, we headed east into Maine.  When we toured the northeast back in 2012, we didn't make it very far into Maine, only going to Old Orchard Beach.  We're spending a little more time this year.  First stop was to see Craig and Jodi in Casco, about 45 minutes north of Portland.  We met them in Alaska and spent a couple days touring around Anchorage with them last summer.

They live out in the country and put us up in the yard (yahd) for the weekend.  Of course, since we were visiting it was cause for celebration so a few of their friends brought RVs and parked along with us.  We had a great karaoke party in the garage, then a guitar sing-a-long by the bonfire.  They're also big fans of rock climbing up and over the many, many forested hills around Casco, so we did a lot of off roading.  All in all, a great visit with good friends!

The view from old family property.  Craig and Jodi's house is mid-frame, a little to the right.  How'd we get up here?  Funny you should ask...

Close up of the Chute's house.  You can barely make out the roof of our RV.

The Jeep crowd.  Great friends, great fun.  As Jodi likes to say, "you can't plan a good time, sometimes fun just breaks out..."

Craig and Jodi were married on this spot over 10 years ago

The view of the temporary RV park from the front deck

Climbing over mud, rocks and logs.  Nobody even knew who's property we were on, there's so much of it nobody cares

Craig and Jodi hiding behind us...

It gets cold in Maine.  I had Craig pose in front of the firewood supply that'll help heat the house this winter.  We'll be in Florida guys, you're welcome to visit!