Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lakeville, Massachusetts

After a great time at the Horvath's, we moved next door to Massachusetts to visit our good friends from MacDill, George Phippard, and his daughter and son in law.  Tim and Kathy live on Long Pond in Lakeville, MA and it was so nice seeing them again.  We had spent time together on the beach at MacDill when they came to visit George.  While we were there, George took me over to see Plymouth Rock and have some fresh seafood on the water.  Tim designed a fantastic patio/deck/dock/outdoor kitchen with both wood and propane fire pits.  What a great way to spend an evening (of course I brought my guitar...)  We were only there a couple days, but it sure was enjoyable.

Premium spot at the KOA in Lakeville.  We've had pretty good luck with these, patio furniture, swing, and fire ring included!

Hanging out lakeside with George, Tim, and Kathy.  Missy was standing on the stone seawall, looking down at the water a foot below.  Of course, several curious mallards swam right up to here to say "hello."  Missy must have thought water was solid enough to walk on, because the next thing we knew she was swimming back to shore.  Luckily, there's a small boat ramp to Laurie's left and she just doggy paddled right up to it and walked out of the water.  We're still not sure what lesson she learned...

Tim took us out for a great sunset cruise on their pontoon boat.  Of course, Missy took the helm for a turn.

Good buddy George.  He's a retired US Navy Seabee and has been a full time RVer for 20 years.

Plymouth Rock?  Really?  It's about 6 feet across and only a couple feet above the tide line.  It's an urban legend anyway, not mentioned in any writings until almost 100 years after they landed.  Nice area though!

The mooring field at Plymouth Harbor.  We had dinner right across the street.

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