Saturday, May 28, 2016

Payson, AZ

Well, good thing the folks in Sierra Vista got our fuel filter situation squared away, because Payson is a good little climb into the mountains north of Phoenix.  We camped in the Tonto National Forest outside of town.  Overall, another great little western town snuggled in a mountain setting.  We stayed 3 wonderful, cool nights with no hookups at all, but we're used to that.  Here are some pictures:
I forgot a picture from last stop.  Sandy was my teacher in 7th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade.  Here we are hanging in their park-like back yard in Sierra Vista.

Tonto Natural Bridge.  I just thought the picture of the walkway was cool, the bridge is somewhat obscured.

Here we go, intrepid travelers after a pretty nice hike down to the opening of the bridge.

It's huge and made of travertine, some stuff as the tiles.  You can see by the people in the foreground how big it is.  The parking lot is directly atop the formation.

Javelina hogs, aka peccary, just nibbling on something in the parking lot at the natural bridge.  I've heard they can be aggressive in defending their young.  This was taken at a distance.

There's a geographic formation called the Mogollon Rim that cuts across almost the entire state of Arizona.  It makes for a nice scenic view up around these parts.

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