Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tombstone, AZ

Okay, so we've all heard about the gunfight at the OK Corral.  If you're a fan of movies in the last quarter century, you remember Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Bill Paxton and Sam Shepherd starring in "Tombstone."  Well, we had to stop on our way west since we'd missed it in previous outings.  The trip wasn't without incident, but after El Paso we headed for Tombstone.  We had a little trouble with fuel filters, but they got it figured out in Sierra Vista.  Of course, one of the major draws was the site of the original OK Corral.  But, we also wanted to drop in and see good friends Sandy and Rock Kousek in nearby Sierra Vista.  We also got to do a little touring in Bisbee, quite the funky little town that used to be the copper mining king.  Overall, it was a great trip to southern Arizona.  Here are some pics:

The actual stables of the OK Corral

The actual place the short, deadly gunfight happened.  Not really totally in the OK Corral

Our recreationist artists

Allen Street, Tombstone

Me with one of the Earp Brothers.  I'm the one on the left.

A cool rock formation outside Bisbee, AZ.  From the Copper Queen Mine parking lot.

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