Thursday, May 19, 2016

West Texas

After San Antonio came the long, long drive on I-10.  We overnighted at a Texas state park that was really interesting, and then spent a couple days in El Paso checking out the town with our good friend Nicole.  I have to say, West Texas wasn't as bleak as I thought it would be, and El Paso is a really pretty town.  There are way more mountains in Texas than I ever thought.  Here are some pictures:

Nicole took us on a tour of El Paso. Here's a view of the city from the mountain road that cuts above Ft. Bliss.  The sky was angry that day my friends.

The spring fed pool at Balmorhea State Park between San Antonio and El Paso was full of little fish that liked to kiss your toes.

Nicole, our hostess in El Paso.

The pool at Balmorhea holds millions of gallons of water.  Really pretty sight in the middle of so much desert.

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