Saturday, September 26, 2015

Redding, CA

We left Harris Beach and turned inland, through the Jedediah Smith Redwoods and down to Redding, CA.  It's just south of Mount Shasta.  We only got one free day, thanks to an oil leak in the Chevy.  We must have kicked up a rock with the motorhome.  It was leaking pretty good when we got to Redding, so I spent the next day at the Chevy dealer getting a new oil pan.  Luckily, full coverage covered the repair and I only paid the deductable.  Ouch.  A set of tires and an oil pan in the same month.  Anyway, we spent our one free day seen a snow capped mountain outside of town, Lassen Peak.  It was a long day driving, but we drove the loop up and over and around before heading back to Redding.  We'll have to come back to see Mount Shasta.  The whole area was nice, worth a return trip.  Here's some pictures:

Lassen Peak.  It wasn't quite fall yet, pretty cool seeing that much snow in summer time.

One of many lakes up in the high country.  I thought the double image was pretty.

More snow

The ever present reminder that you're driving on a volcano.  There were a few hot mud pots and steam holes, just like Yellowstone.  These were right next to the road.

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