Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Saint John, New Brunswick

We only spent 3 days in New Brunswick, at least on the way north.  Beautiful countryside and more forest than I guess they know what to do with.  I hear our President is upset because Canada is "dumping" cheap lumber on our market, but, really, it's because the place is covered in trees.  Anyway, we stayed at a beautiful municipal park in the port town of Saint John called Rockwood Park.  It rained and was super foggy the first day, Canada Day, so we didn't do much.  However, the front moved on and we got one really good, clear day to drive around and see some sights.  It's definitely a working waterfront city, no Newport Rhode Island here, but still full of wonderful people and scenic countryside.

I took this with my phone, so, pretty close.  I was walking Missy in Rockwood Park and this deer was just staring at us.  I couldn't believe the dog didn't bark and scare it off, but she just looked at it with her little paw pointed like a retriever or something.

Lepreau Falls, just outside Saint John

The Beach.  It ain't Florida folks, but few places are.  This is in the Bay of Fundy, which is between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  The tide change is crazy, like over 30 feet.  It's low tide, and where we're standing will be under 20 feet of water in 8 hours.

Outbound tide and river current at Reversing Falls

Not quite high tide.  The tide is still pushing upstream, bringing in tons of fish and attracting hundreds of sea birds

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