Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Land's End, Homer AK

Homer, AK is the end of the road, a port city at Land's End on the Kenai Peninsual south of Anchorage.  We had to go.  We stayed at basically a fish camp on the southernmost spit of land in this area's southernmost city.  We still have some undiscovered country to cover between Anchorage and Haines, but in Homer we basically turn around and head home.  We only stayed one rainy, foggy evening, just long enough to eat some fresh halibut and take a couple pictures.   We're back in Anchorage now, enjoying civilization's charms for a few days.

This past Sunday we went to shop for groceries at the commissary.  This moose was grazing beside the road, right by the flightline where the jets take off.

The little peninsula on the left side of this picture is the Homer Spit, where we camped at the last campground before the ferry landing.  In this neck of the woods, that's the end of the line.

An old wooden homestead on the spit converted to a famous landmark, the Salty Dog Saloon.  The lighthouse is for atmosphere, the rest of the place is original 1890's construction.

We've only been here a couple weeks and they want us to run for office.  I don't know if it's me or Laurie they want to govern this place.  They elected Palin, why not one of us?

The coastline by our campsite.  That water out there is chock full of halibut and other fish.

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