Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Casco, Maine

We couldn't come this far up and not stop and see Craig and Jodi and the whole Jacked Up Jeeping crowd in Casco.  We stopped last year and were introduced to the Jeep lifestyle and hanging out in style.  These folks don't do anything half way.  The whole group (6-8 couples) camped at John and Penney's place this time, were they still had their massive outdoor kitchen set up and room for plenty of RVs in the yard.  What a great weekend, though we might need to be there for Labor Day next year.  We're told it was epic!  Some pictures

John, Scott, and Craig in the background, cooking up breakfast for the crew

Our host, John

Craig grilling up a few dozen strips of bacon and a couple gallons of sausage gravy

Wouldn't be a trip to Casco without some trail riding in the Jeeps

John and Penney's spread with 6 RVs and room for many more.

A mountain pond in Maine you can't get to unless you have an off road vehicle

We had a bonfire with a maple tree that had died from the inside out, making it hollow and a perfect chimney.  It looks like we're standing behind the fire, but we're really right next to it.

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