Monday, September 3, 2018

Back in Beautiful Vermont

After our time on the New York side of Lake Champlain, we hopped over to the Vermont side for a few days outside Burlington, Vermont's largest city.  It's a nice area, lots of sweeping views of the lake and pretty sunsets.  We went downtown a couple times and enjoyed the lakefront view from our campsite.  After Burlington, we returned to our favorite like spot in Randolph, Lake Champagne RV Resort.  This is just a great place to hang out and enjoy the shade, the views, and the lightening fast WiFi.  I was the musical entertainment for the Labor Day party on Saturday night, and we had a good time.  Some pictures from the last couple weeks:

Traditional sailboat along the Burlington, VT waterfront

At our local village, they do free Music on the Green concerts that draw all types.  Here's a typical Vermonter, spinning yarn while she waits for the band to start

We caught the last concert of the season, here's the guitar player coming 

Waterfall on the Mad River

Moss Glen Falls

Click to enlarge this one.  Warren Falls is a really cool series of pools and cascades.  There were quite a few folks cooling off in the August heat.

Our mascot, Jimmy Buffett, spinning in the breeze at Lake Champagne.  It's just as green and pretty as it looks, and they don't pack you in on top of each other

My only official "gig" of the summer, Labor Day party on Saturday the 1st.  Good times!

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