Monday, March 19, 2018

The Road Home

Good grief, I'm terrible at updating this thing once I get to Florida for the winter.  To finish the saga of our Newfoundland trip, we left Kentucky and went to Tennessee.  We stayed outside of Knoxville for a couple days, but Laurie was feeling under the weather so we'll have to go back for a visit.  I bought a new guitar while we were there, a knock off Stratocaster that I'm slowly modifying.  After Tennessee, we dropped down into North Carolina again.  The highlight of that trip was staying at a nice park outside of Asheville, where John and Phyllis came out for a visit.  They stayed in one of the cabins.  It was a lovely area, we'd gladly go back again.  We were hanging out, hoping for fall color, but it was a very odd autumn.  It was getting into late October and everything was either still green, or brown and falling straight off the tree.  I think it might have been too warm or too dry or both.  So, next stop was Fort Benning, GA.  We stayed at their campground for a few days, actually just across the Chattahoochee River in Alabama.  I toured the military museum there, probably one of the best I've ever seen.  Then, it was time for a great week at the Ho Hum.  We got really lucky with neighbors, new friends David and Denise from outside Tallahassee were parked next to us pretty much the whole time.  David plays guitar and sings, so we had several hootenannies on the water.  On November 1st, we headed back home to MacDill, good old Spot 156.  We've been in this spot twice before, including our first year, so a little like home.  I hardly took any pictures:

Great friends John and Phyllis.  It was too warm to light the fireplace!

Fort Benning Famcamp.  Super wide, nice paved spots.  Missy says "bark bark."

The view from the fishing pier at the Ho Hum.  That's our motorhome 2nd from the right.

David and a mystery fiddle player entertaining in front of our motorhome at the Ho Hum

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