Wednesday, April 25, 2018

6th Winter at MacDill

Well, all good things must come to an end.  I can't believe we've spent 6 winters at the MacDill Summer Camp for Military Retirees.  Time sure flies when you're having fun.  So, we checked in November 1st and I know we did some stuff, so let me think back to how we spent the winter.  We drove up to Kill Devil Hills for Thanksgiving with Stephanie and Kevin.  That was a fun trip, didn't even need to wear pants (a big deal for me).  Laurie flew home for Christmas shopping time with her Mom.  We spent Christmas at Mom's, and Brad and Eric joined us.  The next day we headed to Key West for our annual New Year's Eve trip.  That got cut just a little short when we blew out our water heater after 10 days (and we were in a hook up spot!)  Back to MacDill where Mel helped me replace the water heater.  Keith and Abby came down with the kids for a weekend, wonderful to see them.  Our friends Kris and Yancey from CT came down for a month or so in their motorhome.  We had a ton of fun with them including the Super Bowl.  In March, we went on a 10 day cruise with John and Phyllis, awesome.  We flew out to Denver for a doctoral symposium, my 3rd of 4 required, in April, still lots of snow on the mountain peaks and we got a few flurries.  I had to wear pants!  Then, we left MacDill for a few quick stops elsewhere in Florida.  Mark and Amy were down for a wedding in Sarasota in April, so we stayed near Siesta Key at Sarasota Sunny South RV park.  Then, Laurie scored 4 nights at one of 4 spots at the US Coast Guard Station, Marathon, FL.  Very nice place by the water.  We're there now with a couple other stops in mind before we start drifting north for the summer.  Here are some pictures:

Sunset on the beach at MacDill.  We get them like this pretty much every night, all winter long.  Just another reason we keep coming back.

The gang assembled for Thanksgiving Dinner, thanks Steph and Kevin!

My buddy George from Lakeville, MA

Christmas at Grandma's House

Our spot for New Year's, Sigsbee RV park Key West.  We were here a few nights when the water heater failed.  Darn.

The Hammack Family

Superbowl revelry

Missy loves Yancey

We watch cruise ships leaving Tampa all the time, the view from our beach

Last season, the base opened up the end of the beach for dogs.  On a calm day, if we wait long enough, she'll go in up to her knees

We get into the Valspar Championship, a stop on the PGA tour, every year.  Tiger Woods was there this year, came in tied for 2nd.

Lunch on the deck in Antigua (I think, these islands start to run together)

Not a mirror.  Our ship on the left, Celebrity Reflection, and an exact copy sister ship were docked at the same time

Bon Voyage!

The Doerfel kids, aka Fuel on Fire at the State Fair.  We've been watching them for years in Key West.  The Buffalo Sabres jersey has been in a closet for 20 years, since Brad was a young hockey player.  These guys are from Buffalo, NY, as they always introduce themselves, so we gifted the jersey. I think Ben, the lead guitar player in between Laurie and me, claimed it.

New Year's Eve at our friend Jared's place, the Tiki House.

New Year's lighting at the Key West Bite.

My buddy Mel, posing for a victory picture after the water heater job

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