Sunday, October 1, 2017

Vermont 2.0 and Lake Placid, NY

After Cape Breton Island, we more or less made a bee line for the states.  The crossing into Maine on I-95 was uneventful, didn't even have any fresh vegetables to confiscate this time.  Last year we lost a little carton of cherry tomatoes coming into Washington state.  We overnighted just inside the border, then headed straight back to the first Vermont campground we stayed at, Lake Champagne.  We stayed a whole week this time, got to see Mark and Amy and the kids again.  It was just a very relaxing time.  We didn't do so much touring this time, but we did check out Queche Gorge and the Cabot creamery where they make Seriously Sharp cheddar, our favorite for cheese and crackers.  After our time in Vermont, we headed next door to upstate New York for 4 nights in Lake Placid, where they held the 1980 Winter Olympics.  It was very scenic.  We took a gondola ride up the mountain where they do the serious skiing events, and took a few other scenic drives.  Definitely someplace we could spend more time, all the way around.  Some pictures...

Queche Gorge National Park in, you guessed it, Queche VT!

Crossing Lake Champlain between VT and NY on the ferry saved a lot of time, probably money too with the added miles.  Top looks pretty clean for an old girl, eh?

Our motorhome, snuggled into the middle of the short ferry ride.

Taking off from the ski area on the Gondola

Half way up the mountain

Yeah, Whiteface!

Laurie posed outside the door of the rink where we beat the Russkies to go to the Gold Medal match where we beat Finland to win it all

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