Monday, May 8, 2017

Savannah, GA

Our first stop on this year's trip north was Savannah, GA.  As long as we've lived on the east coast, you'd think we'd have seen Savannah before, but for whatever reason we just never stopped in to check it out.  What a cool historic district!  The founding fathers did a great job laying out the town, with little parks (squares) every couple blocks.  We took the tourist trolley tour on Saturday, walked along the river walk, and had dinner on the patio.  The next day they were having a "Doggie Carnival" to raise money for the Humane Society.  They had food trucks and lots of fun games for the dogs and people to play.  Missy did really well among the mayhem, and it was cool seeing so many beautiful dog breeds.  Lots of puppies to pet as well, and Missy got her share of attention.  She's doing just great getting socialized and used to life on the run.  We're leaving with a great impression of Savannah and plans to stop again some day.  The weather has been perfect, which always improves your impression of a place.  Our camp spot is pretty relaxing too.  Here are some pictures.

Lots and lots of puppies in the park

Missy won a pumpkin based treat served in a tiny martini glass.  Yum yum.  Laurie's holding it down with her foot, not offering toes for desert...

All dressed up and ready to hit the carnival

River Street, Savannah

City Hall 

Nice, big, shaded spot at Savannah Oaks RV Resort.

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