Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Delaware Seashore

Laurie scored 3 nights on the beach in Delaware after we left the Outer Banks.  It was a nice drive up to Hampton Roads, then over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel for the 2nd time.  We took this route up the coast back in 2012 during our first summer.  You avoid DC entirely and end up in some pretty nice beach country.  We pretty much blasted through Delaware's coast in 2012.  I mean, it only takes about an hour being so small, but this time we stopped for a few days.  It was great!  We camped at the north campground of the Delaware Seashore State Park.  During our three days on the beach, we sat on the beach all three days.  The weather was perfect, and we knew we were heading for inland New England, so we took advantage.  We explored the local towns of Bethany Beach and Dewey Beach.  I talked my way onstage to play guitar and sing a few Johnny Cash songs at the marina near us, walking distance actually to a very nice restaurant by the boat slips.  This is one of those accidental discoveries we made that had us thinking "...we'll be back."  Just a few pictures...

The beach.  The waves were great, lots of surfers and people enjoying cloudless, hot weather.  Missy stayed in the air conditioning!

Our beach rig.  This umbrella and these two chairs have seen some serious action.  In fact, we're on our 2nd versions of both.

I couldn't get a good shot of this light show, so I found one online.  This is the view from our campground, at night.  They light up the bridge over the inlet with blue lights, and it's just plain purdy...

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