Saturday, June 2, 2018

Arkansas and Missouri

We kept the motorhome at good old Little Rock Air Force Base for a few weeks in May.  No major news to report, but we did have some fun.  We celebrated Mother's Day with Laurie's family.  I got to go shooting with my friend Tom.  I did some work on the rig and a lot of school work.  After Little Rock, we headed to Table Rock Lake outside Branson, MO to visit our friend Kevin at the Ozarks RV Resort on Table Rock Lake.  It sits on the shore just inside Arkansas.  We took in a couple country music shows and spent a day on the lake with Kevin in his pontoon boat.  Kevin took me fishing one morning and I returned the favor by catching five fish while he and friend Dave got skunked.  Guess I picked the lucky fishing pole.  After that, we stopped in Richland, MO to visit with Carmen, a great friend from MacDill who moved back home after retiring as a Sergeant Major from the Army.  I played a few sets at her place, Daugherty's Pub and Grub, in return for a free camping spot next door.  We went over to Lake of the Ozarks with Carmen and Kevin for lunch and site seeing.  The fish below the dam were going nuts.  All in all, a good start to Summer 2018!

The Famcamp at LRAFB.  They were building 12 new spots while we were there.

The view of the Ozarks RV Resort from our patio.  Super nice

It was great to see Kevin again.  We've been trivia teammates at MacDill since 2012.  We stopped here in summer 2014 also, still just as fun and beautiful.

Laurie and I had a spot across from the waterfall and pond with a great view of the lake.  This is a panoramic shot including our patio.

When we visited Carmen in Richland, MO, her beau Kevin took us for a drive through the country.  This is the oldest suspension bridge in Missouri.  It's really just a bunch of rusty bailing wire and pine boards, but we drove across it in an F-150...twice!

The whole bridge is just a collection of rusty coat hangar sized wire.  

Laurie, Carmen and I walk across going back, huge gaps in the decking.

Singing my heart out

Bagnell Dam overlook.  The American Paddlefish were going nuts, great big 4-5 footers that looked something like sturgeon.

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