Friday, October 2, 2015

Sedona, AZ

We have not been "everywhere."  Even in a 30 year military career being stationed across the country, and 3 years full time doing nothing but sight seeing, we still haven't even come close to "seeing it all."  I was talking to a fellow RVer at our most recent stay, just outside Sedona, AZ.  She'd been RVing full time with her husband, also a military retiree, for 6 years.  I made a comment about not knowing when we'd ever grow tired of the lifestyle and come off the road.  She said she wasn't sure either, because there's so much to see.  She also mentioned talking to someone once that was trading in the gypsy lifestyle for the more conventional world.  That person claimed in 3 years of RVing, they'd "seen it all."  Poppycock.  Whatever you have to tell yourself, but I don't care who you are, please don't tell me you've seen everything this great country has to offer.

So, that leads me to this post.  We'd heard rave reviews of Sedona, and we missed seeing it the last time we were out west in 2013.  After Las Vegas, we made sure to drop south of I-40 just a bit so we could check out this much acclaimed destination.  We've seen a lot, so our bar is set pretty high.  I have to say that the area lived up to its reputation.  It's one of those gorgeous red rock areas we have out west, perhaps a place they would have declared a national park under other circumstances.  As it stands, it's a very conscientiously developed town in the middle of a natural paradise.  They did a great job making sure dwellings and buildings merged with the landscape.  We had a good time and intend to return so we can spend more time checking out the outlying communities.  Arizona is awesome.

One of the local Sedona residents

A typical view from Main Street Sedona.  The red rock formations are really spectacular.

Castle Rock, I think?  There were too many beautiful formations to remember.

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  1. Cool.........looking forward to your next stop........